Fishing on the flats in front of hole # 6

Course Closed Summer 2024

Golfing in Southeast Alaska

Photo by Judi Rice

Welcome to one of the most unique golf courses in the world! Located on tidelands that are occasionally covered by high tides (except during the summer), you can golf in the splendor of Alaska.

The greens utilize artificial turf in order to avoid using toxic materials in this sensitive area and to provide a longer playing season.

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VALLEY OF THE EAGLES GOLF LINKS is an unusual course for several reasons:

  • It is located entirely on land classified by the U S Army Corp of Engineers as wetlands. It took seven and one half years to get the required permits to build the course.
  • It is situated in the most beautiful setting of any golf course in the world.
  • Salmon and trout use rearing streams on the course.
  • The course is a links style course.
  • The area is undergoing isostatic glacial rebound. The area is rising about 0.9 inches per year in relation to sea level because of glacial melting and decreased weight pushing the earth’s crust down into the magma.
  • Due to the environmentally sensitive nature of the area, pesticides and herbicides will not be used.
  • Moose and bears frequent the area even though it is uncommon to actually see them. Their tracks are seen daily.


  • Nine hole golf course
  • Driving range
  • Pro Shop 
  • Golf Clinics
  • Golf Lessons from a PGA Pro
  • Summer Golf Camps for Kids
  • Men’s and Women’s Leagues


With summer daylight playing hours from 3 AM to 10 PM, Valley of the Eagles Golf Course is a must-do stop on your Alaska itinerary.

The two most common expressions used when people visit the course are, “WOW” and “AWESOME”.

Photo by Judi Rice